Private Label Your Own Hypochlorous Acid Product

We Customize HOCl Solutions to Meet Your Specific Market Needs

Because HOCl has so many applications, it is the concentration that designates it for use. Skincare products, cleaning supplies, and medical services all need different percentages of HOCl, referred to as parts per million (PPM), to ensure effectiveness and safety.

The lowest concentrations are typically for wound and skin cleansing. Since our bodies produce HOCl, using it for wounds is a natural. Disinfecting products, such as surface cleaners and antimicrobial sprays, have the highest PPM concentration so they can effectively work against a range of pathogens. Topical formulations, as used in skincare, usually fall somewhere in the middle.

Leave the Manufacturing of HOCl Products to the Pros

If your goal is to develop and market a well-made HOCl-based product, such as wound care, skin cleanser, after piercing care, CPAP cleanser, pet care or any of the many others beings sold profitably today, you may be confused as to where to begin.

Hypochlorous acid provides the foundation for so many popular wellness products. Its non-toxic and hypoallergenic composition mirror the elements found naturally in our white blood cells to fight infection. Because HOCl comprises hydrogen, oxygen and chlorine, it is a naturally occurring, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory ingredient. And due to its effectiveness in fighting fungi, bacteria, and viruses, it cleans, sanitizes and disinfects without harming humans and animals.

We manufacture precise white label formulations in our state-of-the-art, ISO 9001:2015 facility using GMP guidelines. So, if your new hypochlorous product requires a specific HOCl ppm composition, we can guide you every step of the way.

Simplify the Process for Your HOCl Products

As a contract manufacturer of HOCl products for a variety of applications, we have perfected our methods. As one of the few HOCl manufacturers in the industry creating white label products, we understand how to make pure and stable hypochlorous and incorporate it into a range of consumer products. Our team can offer assistance each step of the way, including:

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