When the COVID crisis erupted, it became quickly evident that households required disinfectants with hospital-grade efficacy but with child-safe ingredients. Disinfexol, our product, meets this need by being formulated with safe but effective ingredients ensuring its suitability for household use.

Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) is a compound that has been known for two hundred years and is a powerful natural disinfectant. Its effectiveness is unparalleled, being 100 times more potent at killing pathogens compared to bleach. It has been proven to be highly effective against a wide variety of bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold, and mildew. Its safety on most surfaces further reinforces its effectiveness. For example, in the food and beverage industry, hypochlorous acid is a go-to for disinfection and sanitization. Its effectiveness at killing bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens that can contaminate food products is a testament to its power. Hypochlorous acid’s ability to sanitize food processing equipment, surfaces, and utensils ensures the safety and quality of the final products. Its non-toxic nature makes it an ideal choice for use in food preparation areas for your home.

Disinfexol, with its straightforward composition of 99.935% electrolyzed reverse osmosis water and .065% HOCl, is a testament to the power of simplicity. It’s pure, clean and simple, just like its effectiveness.

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