Childcare, schools, and universities provide ideal conditions for the spread of infectious diseases, and inadequate cleaning and disinfecting contribute to the spread of viruses and overall illness.

Now, more than ever, cleaning and sanitizing are of the utmost importance. Areas requiring routine disinfection include desks, chairs, bathrooms, locker rooms, and all high-touch areas like doorknobs, drinking fountains, and more.

Previously, a maintenance contractor would handle this task daily, using chemicals when staff and children were not present. However, the current situation necessitates a different approach. Now, cleaning and sanitizing could be carried out multiple times a day by staff, even with children present.

Children are more sensitive to the health effects of exposure to toxic chemicals. Harsh detergents have an intrinsic smell that will likely be masked with synthetic fragrances. When inhaled, these fragrances can trigger asthma and other allergic reactions.

Disinfexol provides super strength germ-killing ability and safety without using harmful chemicals around children and staff.

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