In order for businesses to keep their doors open, patrons must be assured that their safety and well being is of the upmost importance. Effective and safe cleaning and disinfecting is paramount.

To address safety concerns, facilities management has been getting greener every year. For instance, Leadership in Energy and Environments Design (LEED) is the most widely used green building rating system in the world, with 16 years of steady growth and currently supporting 80,000 projects across 162 countries. Cleaning and disinfecting without the need for heavy PPE is a game changer. When you give teams products that contain no VOC’s, no acids, no alkalis and no toxins you keep them safe.

However, while green solutions and practices deliver occupational and environmental safety benefits, their downfall is in the efficacy of the cleaning and disinfecting products used. Typically, the more natural or green a product, the less potent it is in killing germs. Not so with Hypochlorous. The USDA has noted that HOCl can be used as an ingredient in an antimicrobial formulation and may be applied to dairy and food-processing equipment.

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