Comprehensive infection control and biosecurity play an increasingly important role in the daily practice of veterinary medicine. However, one element of infection prevention and control that is often overlooked is strict and effective cleaning and disinfection. Just one patient catching an infection while at your facility can lead to significant financial costs. Moreover, the cost to clients can be significant should their pets pick up viruses.

Careful evaluation of disinfectants and implementation can prevent these kinds of infections and the added costs associated with treating them. Staff members want products that work well but don’t put anyone at risk. Our environmentally responsible cleaning and disinfecting solution is a perfect match for veterinary hospitals, clinics, and pet boarding centers. Powered by HOCl, Disinfexol provides excellent performance, reduced toxicity, and no unwanted residue.

The perfect disinfectant must be both safe for use around people and pets, and simultaneously effective in swiftly eliminating a wide range of pathogens. HOCl is the answer.

  • Cleanse and disinfect surfaces throughout the animal care facility
  • Quickly and effectively disinfect animal carriers and crates
  • Disinfect pet toys and equipment
  • Remove ammonia-based odors (pet urine)

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