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Partnership Opportunities

Partnership Opportunities

Why You Should Partner with Us

We are located on the I270 technology corridor outside Washington DC. Disinfexol is a rapidly growing HOCl manufacturer which differentiates its HOCl solutions through quality, efficacy, shelf-life and its focus on customer success. We produce our own generators and are not at the mercy of third-party companies and supply chain issues. We customize the very best HOCl solutions to meet your application.

Although there may be a glut of disinfectants today due to Covid, the vast majority of these disinfectants consists of traditional toxic disinfectants which may kill Covid, but are posing increasing health threats to the public. Toxic disinfectants (e.g. quaternary ammonium, bleach, etc.) create serious environmental and health problems, including autoimmune disease, birth defects, fertility issues, respiratory issues, skin rashes, asthma and allergies. Consumers are waking up and beginning to demand natural and safe Covid-killing disinfectant alternatives.

Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is today’s safest and most natural disinfectant product. HOCl is the oxidant produced by white blood cells to fight infection. HOCl disinfects and sanitizes, kills bacteria and viruses and is non-flammable. However, HOCl solutions can be produced in varied strengths and compositions and most HOCl solutions do not kill Covid.

Of the nearly 500 products on List “N” approved to kill Covid, only about 25 are HOCl solutions. Disinfexol is best of the HOCl Covid-killing products and the one you should distribute to your customers.

Why Disinfexol is the Best in HOCl Class

1. EPA registered (95747-1) and on List N
2. Hospital grade, HOCl .065% (650ppm) - strongest in class
3. One year GLP certified shelf-life - longest in class
4. Approved ONE-STEP cleaner and disinfectant
5. Virucidal/bactericidal/fungicidal - kills 99.99% of viruses & germs
6. Kill time is TWICE as fast as most competitors
7. As a manufacturer, controls the quality of its HOCl products

We work with partners in a variety of ways, including those that resell Disinfexol, private label, and engage us for custom HOCl manufacturing.

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