The Gold Standard of HOCl


Operating out of our world-class ISO 9001:2015 facility and using GMP guidelines, we manufacture pure and stable hypochlorous (HOCl). Using our own proprietary technology, we produce HOCl formulations tailored for specific markets, including healthcare, clean room, industrial, commercial, cosmetic, agriculture, animal facilities and homes.


EPA Registered Disinfexol – Naturally Stronger

To secure EPA registration as a hospital grade cleaner and disinfectant for hard surfaces, Disinfexol was tested in GLP labs using extremely rigorous EPA approved testing protocols, over multiple lots. Suppliers, purity, concentration & processing of all individual ingredients were approved, with strict limits on all, along with rigorous safety reviews.

In the final analysis, years of research and development has enabled us to develop a natural, stable, and efficacious disinfectant.

  • EPA registered (95747-1) and on List N & List Q
  • Hospital grade, .065% (650ppm) HOCl and 99.935% reverse osmosis water
  • Virucidal/bactericidal/fungicidal - kills 99.99% of viruses & germs
  • Class IV Toxicity (safest)
  • One year GLP certified shelf-life
  • Approved one-step cleaner and disinfectant for hard surfaces
  • Registered nationwide in all 48 continental states

*As our partner you can resell our EPA registered Disinfexol brand nationwide or even private label as a sub-registrant. If you would like a phenomenal product to sell into your channels, please email us for more information.