The Gold Standard of HOCl

About Us

We manufacture out of our 130,000 sq.ft. ISO 9001:2015 facility in Whitsett, NC using GMP guidelines. Based upon our team's foresight and extensive research and knowledge surrounding Hypochlorous Acid ("HOCl"), we came together with the goal of manufacturing and distributing natural, non-toxic disinfectants to destroy bacteria, viruses and fungi on hard surfaces. We wanted to fight Hospital-Acquired Infections ("HAI") and other deadly viruses, such as COVID-19 while keeping people safe. HAIs and viruses like COVID-19 are an increasing threat to our health and well-being, especially to the elderly and those with compromised immune systems. We decided to take a stand against these pathogens by innovating and manufacturing clean, non-toxic solutions. Our Disinfexol brand is an EPA REGISTERED HOCl cleaner and disinfectant and is the perfect balance of superior efficacy and purity. 

Made in America

All our products are made in the good ol' USA by us. We are not a reseller. We do not procure our product from the real manufacturer and "white-label" it. We do not buy machines from another party to produce our HOCl. We do none of these things. Unlike our competitors, we developed our own proprietary HOCl formulation from years of research and development, and we designed and built our own generation machines. We are proud that we control our own destiny and can meet our customer's needs at every step along the way.

Contract Manufacturing


We pride ourselves in being a custom shop for a variety of HOCl needs.  If you are looking for a specific HOCl product for your application, please reach out to us.